We dress elite rebels! You can choose unique American and Europen brands: DG Angels (special collection from DGA), Mosher Clothing, OG Abel, Rebel Spirit Clothing, Red Chapter Clothing, Rock Revival, Vocal Apparel, Xtreme Couture by Affliction.

DG Angels logo

DG Angels

DG Angels is a special collection of DGA (David Gonzales Art). A few words from the owner, David Gonzales. Welcome to my world of art. I am back to airbrushing, illustrating and designing tees. Before us, there were no other Chicano style urban and lowrider tees out there. I’m back into the tees under a new brand name called DGA, DavidGonzalesArt. I feel I have so many new ideas to illustrate, and so many new visions to share, … from your “Homie Artist”, David Gonzales.
Mosher Clothing logo

Mosher Clothing

Mosher Clothing creates great and affordable merchandise for metalheads worldwide. Since 2014, we aim to deliver killer items designed to meet the high standards of fellow metalheads worldwide… built to last and resist the “good friendly violent fun” that only a moshpit can create! You’re a mosher, wear a Mosher!
OG Abel logo

OG Abel

The heart and soul of OG ABEL. The Brand is the artist behind it not the CEO. It is what makes this company unique. “It’s not about how many rappers, actors and rock stars wear the brand, it’s about us normal individuals being moved by such high impacting visual interpretations of thoughts, feelings and emotions we all as a human brotherhood share alike. As an artist, a compliment and or praise for ones’ compositions are worth more than gold.”
Rebel Spirit logo

Rebel Spirit Clothing

Rebel Spirit was created as a reaction to the bland. We do not follow the trend nor set it. Our goal is to define life by creating an image that expresses individuality. Each shirt features hand sewn details, custom embroidery, metallic foil prints, exotic material patches all put together on a custom one of a kind vintage tee. Each piece of Rebel Spirit Clothing is meticulously handcrafted to produce the exceptional quality that is nothing short of a piece of wearable artwork. Our goal is not only to make clothing but to create… A Royal Way of Life.
Red Chapter logo

Red Chapter Clothing

The Red Chapter Clothing is the world’s first and the only premium line of clothing and accessories entirely based on an Ambigram artwork. Red Chapter Clothing brand was created by musicians and artists. Ambigrams are stunning works of the lettering art that can be read from more than one direction. All the ambigrams are hand-drawn by Mark Palmer.
Rock Revival logo

Rock Revival

Established in 2005 and based in Los Angeles, California, USA, Rock Revival mixes a unique blend of rock & roll culture with cutting-edge fashion. Rock Revival sets the standard in denim with exquisite craftsmanship and its impeccable attention to detail. Inspired by legends of rock & roll past and present, Rock Revival’s denim collections are classic and on the forefront of fashion. Rock won’t ever die. Each time it seems to vanish, it rises out of the ashes. Every time it is declared dead, someone revives it. This is Rock Revival.
Vocal Apparel logo

Vocal Apparel

Vocal is a women’s clothing company that established its name and original style within the fashion industry since 2001. Vocal is created for women who are seeking a modern look with a vintage twist that will set them apart from the crowd. Each garment is strictly made with the finest materials, top-notch workmanship and close attention to details. Vocal always strives to maintain the unique look that is to Be Vocal, truly one of a kind.
Xtreme Couture logo

Xtreme Couture by Affliction

Xtreme Couture is a premium athletic inspired lifestyle brand. Founded by a unique partnership between Randy “The Natural” Couture and Affliction, the brand is based on the belief that athletics and fashion do and will coincide. The unstoppable team will pioneer new breakthroughs and ideas into a sportswear industry littered with repetitive sameness. Xtreme Couture is set to choke out the competition.