Privacy Policy

I. Basic Provisions

  1. The company Ing. Radek Pohan, with registered office at Hermankova 861/9, 713 00, Ostrava – Hermanice, Czech Republic (Europe), identification number: 01343581, registered in the Trade Register kept by Ostrava City Municipality, No. S-SMO/018831/13/ZU, the operator of the e-shop, is according to the Regulation (EC) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 the controller of the personal data (hereinafter “Controller”).

  2. The purpose of this document is to fulfil the information obligation towards subjects of the personal data (hereinafter „Data Subject“) resulting from the Regulation (EC) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679.

II. Processed Personal Data

We process the following personal data:

  • In case of questions from the contact form, we process: first name, surname and e-mail address.

  • In case of buying we process: first name, surname, invoicing and delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address, country, bank account number, ordered products and their price.

  • In case of satisfaction survey with our services and products, we process: username, e-mail address, rating (review).

  • We process the data of the electronic communication between the Controllerand the Data Subject: first name, surname and e-mail address.

  • In case of the buyers who register during shopping, we process the account login: username and password.

  • In case of marketing messages customers, we process: first name, surname, e-mail address.

  • In case of visitors to our websites, we process cookies.

III. Purposes of Personal Data Processing

The processing is necessary to fulfil the contract where the contracting party is the Controller (seller) or to the implementation of the measures taken before the conclusion of the contract at the request of the Data Subject (buyer). The specific purposes of the processing are:

  1. Processing questions from the contact form to our products before the sales contract is concluded (orders). Processing of the questions sent to the contact e-mail address directly info (at)

  2. Processing an order of goods ordered through the web interface of the store. The legal reason is the necessity of fulfilling the sales contract and fulfilling the legal obligations here (withdrawal from the contract within the legal period, complaint, guarantee, archiving of accounting documents).

  3. Processing account logins. Registered buyers may save their invoicing and delivery address for new orders, have got an overview of already transacted orders in their account. The account logins (username and password) are processed for identification purposes to log in this account.

The processing is necessary for the purposes of rightful interests of the authorized Controller. Among these rightful interests belong:

  1. Processing of the ratings (reviews). For improving our services and products reasons we process the satisfaction survey, ratings (reviews). We find out the buyers’ satisfaction with the shopping through an e-mail survey we send every time a purchase is made.

  2. Processing marketing offers. We process the e-mail newsletter (commercial communication). We send the buyers the commercial communication concerning comparable products they have already bought. This commercial communication can be declined through the link for logging out, that is included in each newsletter. To unsubscribe you can also write to an e-mail address directly info (at) If you aren’t our customer, we process newsletters based on your consent.

  3. Processing cookies. If you enabled cookies in your web browser, we process behaviour records from cookies placed on our websites for the purposes of measuring the attendance, behaviour and improvement operation and for the purposes of internet advertising.

IV. Period of Personal Data Saving

Your personal data will be processed as long as we will deliver you our goods and fulfil the sales contract or during the time necessary to fulfil the archiving obligations according to the applicable legal rules, for example, the Accounting Act no.563/1991 Sb. We will save the personal data by purpose as follows:

  • Data based on the contractual relationship – for the duration of the order and the warranty period (2 years). In the case of bookkeeping documents (invoices) for 5 years period.

  • Communication will be saved for 2 years period.

  • Account logins – for the duration of the order and the warranty period (2 years).

  • Ratings (reviews) for 6 years period.

  • Newsletter – consent with marketing offers is valid for 3 years period or until recalled.

  • Cookies will be saved for 14 months period.

V. Categories of Personal Data Recipients

We use specialized services of other companies to fulfil our liabilities and obligations. If these companies process personal data passed on by our company, they have got the status of the personal data processors. These are the following categories of companies.

  • External accounting and tax company.

  • Hosting companies, that provide us with server, web and application services.

  • Logistic companies, that transport our goods to the Data Subjects (buyers).

  • Advertising companies, that provide us with advertising services.

  • Agencies finding out our customers’ satisfaction with our services and products.

VI. Cookies

Cookies are the term concerning a certain amount of data that our website saves into your computer or other eligible devices (mobile devices, tablet, etc.) and that are necessary for the proper function of the website. During every next visit of our websites, your browser sends stored data back to the server hosting our website. Cookies are commonly used to distinguish individual users and users’ presets are stored inside.

We use cookies for these purposes:

  • to remember your account logins, so you don’t have to enter them repeatedly;

  • to remember the content of the basket while browsing other websites, so you could finish your order;

  • to track access and working on our websites.

With the change settings of the web browser, you can accept or reject Cookies. If the cookies are deactivated, the browsing on our website gets difficult, eventually, this website will not be able to use properly.

VII. Commercial Communication with Consent

Commercial communication with consent. If you express your explicit consent, so that we will be able to use your e-mail address to send commercial communications, so these commercial communications will be sent to you. You are entitled to withdraw your consent through an e-mail sent to info (at) or through the procedure stated in the sent commercial communication at any time.

VIII. Rights of the Data Subjects

According to the Personal Data Protection Act you have got the right to:

  1. The right of the Data Subject to access personal data. As the Data Subject, you have got the right to obtain a confirmation from the Controller, if the personal data concerning you are processed or not and if so, you have got the right to gain access to these personal data.

  2. The right to correction. As the Data Subject, you have got the right to let the Controller correct inaccurate personal data concerning you without undue delay.

  3. The right to deletion. As the Data Subject, you have got the right to let the Controller delete personal data that concern you without undue delay, and the Controller has got the obligation to delete the personal data without undue delay. If there is any of the following reasons: a) the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected for; b) the Data Subject withdraws the consent; c) the Data Subject makes a protest about processing; d) the personal data were processed illegally; e) the personal data must be deleted in order to fulfil the legal obligation; f) the personal data were collected in connection with the service offer from the information company. Deletion does not apply if the processing is necessary, for example to fulfil the legal obligation.

  4. The right to limit the processing. As the Data Subject, you have got the right to let the Controller limit the processing, in an of the following cases: a) the Data Subject denies the accuracy of the personal data; b) the processing is illegal; c) the Controller no longer needs the personal data for processing purposes; d) the Data Subject makes a protest about processing.

  5. The right to data portability. As the Data Subject, you have got the right to obtain personal data concerning you and which you provided with the Controller in structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and the right to pass this data on to the other Controller, without any obstruction from the Controller with whom the personal data were provided, in cases that: a) the processing is based on consent; b) the processing is carried out in an automated manner.

  6. The right to make an objection. As the Data Subject, you have got the right to make an objection about the processing of personal data, that concern your particular situation at any time.

  7. The automated individual decision, including profiling. As the Data Subject, you have got the right to not to be a subject to any decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling.

  8. The right to turn to the Office for Personal Data Protection. As Data Subject you have got the right to turn to the Office for Personal Data Protection (

These terms come into force on 25th May 2018.